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NMBS Since 1989

NMBS is a group of the working organisation for Website Designing, Web Portal Development, Ecommerce Website, Portals

Employee Training & Placement and Customized Software Development.

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Website Design & Development

We do Web Design, produce the ideal reflection for your business by our creative and exclusive layouts. While designing a site, there are a huge number of various styles you can embrace to spread the message of a company all over promptly to clients, visitors or readers. The crucial thing to take into account just like us is to choose a creative style which fits the brand you are crafting for.

E-commerce Solution

Electronic commerce, commonly written as e-commerce or eCommerce, is the trading or facilitation of trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce electronic funds transfer supply chain management Internet marketing, online transaction processing electronic data interchange(EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Modern electronic commerce typically uses the World Wide Web for at least one part of the transaction's life cycle, although it may also use other technologies such as e-mail.

SEO Solution

Search Engine Optimization is an essential requirement to run a modern business effectively. We are known as an expert company who have in-depth understanding of best search engines, most searchable keywords and maintain your keywords on topmost rankings. We want to take the privilege to offering our search engine optimization services at best possible prices. In addition, incurring a predominant listing on the search engines is not an accident.

Manpower Training and Placement

NMBS is owned and managed by a group of experienced professionals, who have years of experience. To meet the exacting demands of Commercial & Government establishments, with extensive manpower resources in the entire sector and you will be able to find very well qualified and experienced Manpower to meet any specific requirements. We generally operate in areas like Offices, Factories, Complexes, Construction, Hospitality, Healthcare, Engineering & Industrial projects.

Most of our workers of various categories are young and can speak English read and write. They are all healthy and pleasant looking. All of them are very honest, well-disciplined, hardworking and faithful.

Apart from this, mainly we are holding a good pool of Computer Operator, Security guards & Civil Trained Guards duties in any kinds of establishments such as Govt. Offices, Banks, Embassy's VIP Residents, Hotels, Airports, Companies, Industries, Supermarkets etc.

Business/Product Promotions

We understand your business and office work. We make computer to work according to your business process. We do study the working style and working procedure to convert into customized software where the user can make paperless office. We have more then twenty years long specialization.

Social Media Marketing

We understand your business and Products. We make study in details of your products and do Marketing thru Social Media like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Event Management

NMBSIT can help you organise a number of different special events that your organisation may be interested in hosting. Ceremonies, celebrations, product launches and product presentations, workshops, company inaugurations, conferences and events where you invite the public. You can ask the NMBS to help you set up special meetings that your employees and/or business partners may need to attend. An event management company can also assist in setting up trade congresses to publicise your line of work and any products or services that go with your company profile.


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